Amelie Castellvi-Smith

Welcome to Amelie's little photo album and very first blog.

My First Christmas Tree

Look! Why do you have a tree inside your house UGF? And why is it covered in STUFF?!


Getting Out and About

Look at me I’m almost walking!

Out with Mummy.


My Trip to Del Aziz

Visiting my UGF at my Mummy’s favourite cake shop Del Aziz, as you can see I can’t wait to get onto solids so I can join in with the food!

Play Time!

Just some pictures of me and my cot. Mum, come play with me!

Bath Time!

Everyone loves a nice clean baby.

My new favourite toy – Tigger!

My new favourite toy from my UGF’s mum – Jasmin! Be assured he sleeps next to me every night now. Boing!

Message for my Auntie!


My Dad is really good for sitting on or hanging off from time to time.

Me and my Mum!

Me and my mummy together at last. I sleep quite a lot as you can see.

Amelie with her UGF!

With Richard her UGF (Unofficial Godfather).

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